Atlantic Canada

Barbara Hannigan

Health Arts Society of Atlantic Canada is delighted to announce that Barbara Hannigan C.M. has accepted the role of Honourary Patron of the society.

Barbara Hannigan is a Canadian musician with an extraordinary international career.  With roots in Nova Scotia, she has embraced the mission of the society’s Concerts in Care program to bring professionally performed live music to audiences in care on a large scale.

She said, “when a person needs to go into care their experience of live music, which brings joy, relief, reflection and communion with others who are sharing in the listening and witnessing of live performance is suddenly gone. But it doesn’t have to be.”

David Lemon, Chair of the National Association of Health Arts Societies and La SAMS said, “Barbara Hannigan shares with us the hope that we will soon be able to say that providing the finest music to people living in residential care is something we do in Canada. They are as important an audience to serve as any other.”